big round eyes


first smiles and belly laughs

wrinkly bums

edible toes

a sideways grin


bare feet

tottering & pottering

simple pleasures

awe and wonderment

childhood is a time to savour

Laura Bartlett has loved photography for ever, but especially after her two beautiful girls were born, she became passionate about learning the art of photography. Although her children are teenagers now, she still loves the company of young children.

Laura has spent many years working as a pre-school playgroup leader.

She loves children’s playful nature and innocence, and loves having fun with kids and capturing the magic: whether chasing a balloon, exploring nature, catching butterflies, jumping on the bed, making a daisy chain, or splashing in puddles.

“When I became a mum, I was in awe of the wonderment of it all. I was full of love and wanted to freeze the moment of each smile, tear, drama, surprise and quizzical look.

I loved their toes, frowns, thoughtful expressions, stubbornness, frustration and the looks of true love and trust.

I loved capturing this lovely innocent time in their childhood and that is what I strive to capture in photographing other people’s children.”

Laura provides natural portrait photography - no posing, no forced smiles, no need to perform for the camera. Simply have fun together and let Laura capture the magic as it unfolds. Laura’s aim is to capture images that are beautiful, soulful and timeless, that can be cherished for ever.

Laura is extremely passionate about photography and is continually mastering her craft and trying new things.  Photo shoots take place at your home, on the beach or a favourite walk, using only natural light, providing a truly professional, quality and friendly service from beginning to end.

Laura Bartlett also photographs a select number of weddings each year and has been a successful wedding photographer

since 2000.

“They are fun and unique and often have a distinct style. I love capturing the joy and celebration of the day

Please look at my Wedding Section for more information.”

Laura has also worked as a gardener, and loves painting patterns, colour and contrast with plants. She loves nature and is a keen plantsman and is constantly increasing her stock photography of gardens and flowers.

She has transferred her love of gardens and colour to the painterly world of photography.

Whether taking photographs of little ones or loved ones, butterflies or flowers, I just love taking images that make your heart sing.

Thank you for considering Laura Bartlett Photography

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